It was already getting hot outside so Bill turned on the air conditioning Manchester, and started making a fresh pot of coffee. While he waited on the coffee to brew he sat down in his chair by the kitchen window, and watched the birds and squirrels at the feeders he had put out. Bill had been worried about his neighbor Julian. Julian wasn’t doing to good. From the window, Bill could see Julian stumbling to his car. He could barely walk. All of a sudden, Julian fell to the ground. Bill got up from his chair, and rushed to his neighbor’s side. Julian was unconscious. Bill called out for help, but no one came. Julian wasn’t breathing. Bill dialed 911 from his cellphone. With the operator on the line, and an ambulance on the way, he performed CPR. When the ambulance got there, they told Bill he saved his friends life, and if he hadn’t gotten to him when he did, he would have died. ‘I’m just glad I got there in time,’ Bill told them, and he went back home.